The party room of the hotel `` Le Dauphin '' in Ouidah served as a setting, on Monday August 16, 2021, for the launch of a training course for building electricians on the realization of electrical installations in accordance with standards. Nationals of the Atlantic Department, the participants were tested before starting the actual training. "We did this test because we want to strengthen the capacity of electricians and not that of other craftsmen. It is a test that allowed us to ensure the profile of the participants, ”said trainer Nounagon Kikissagbé to justify the validity of the test.
He did not fail to point out that it is important to inform building electricians about the standards, including that of NF C 15-100.

Long before this training organized by the Institutional Support and Capacity Building Program for Actors in the Energy Sector in Benin (RECASEB), there was a pilot phase which took into account several municipalities in Benin. << The RECASEB is a State program which supports the ministries of energy, that of trade and that of the living environment. During this training, the trainers will come back several times to certain specialties related to the materials used. So be careful. Because your intervention is in our homes. If you are not well trained, it is a loss of earnings for households and others, ”says Gustave Florent Wannou, head manager of the RECASEB program.

Representing the prevented mayor of Ouidah, Mohamed Loka, president of the Entrepreneurship Training Committee for Youth for Employment, urged participants to take this training seriously before declaring the training launched.

With the observation made in the field by the Control of Interior Electrical Installations (CONTROLEC), this first day training provided by ESMER Academy allowed participants to get an idea, among other things, of the NF C 15-100 standard, of the risk and danger of the current, of the electric house.

Funded by the European Union (EU), this training extends over five (5) days in the Atlantic department.