Energy efficiency is now a reality in the manufacture of charcoal thanks to the institutional support and capacity building program for actors in the energy sector in Benin (Recaseb). In fact, a total of 155 charcoal makers and many water, forestry and hunting agents have learned charcoal production thanks to improved technologies, in particular the Casamance millstone. After several series of practical training sessions organized in different towns, charcoal makers and water, forestry and hunting agents received their scrolls, a sign of the new knowledge and skills acquired. For the last stage, around thirty of them were rewarded during a ceremony which took place on Friday, September 11, 2020 at the CEG of Adakpalamè, in the municipality of Kétou, in the presence of those responsibles for the Recaseb program, local authorities and the General Directorate of Water, Forests and Hunting. “The energy efficiency of transforming wood into charcoal is still weak, notably less than 10%. It was therefore important that the craftman charcoal maker be identified, known to the forestry administration, then placed at the heart of capacity building, including the current one on improved technology of the Casamance millstone”, explained Gustave Florent Whannou, Chief-Project Recaseb Manager to justify the organization of these training workshops. For Captain Léandre Lawson, Chief Cantonnement Forester of Kétou, the objective of this series of trainings has been achieved because the Casamance millstone technique allows charcoal craftman to use little wood for a large quantity of charcoal.