Title / basic act / CRIS number

Institutional support and capacity building for actors in the energy sector in Benin (RECASEB) CRIS number BJ / FED / 037-876 Funded by the 11th European Development Fund

Beneficiary area of ​​the action / location

West Africa, Benin The action will be carried out at the following location: Cotonou (and Lomé for support to the electricity community of Benin-CEB

Programming document

National indicative program of the 11th EDF in Benin

Focus sector / thematic area


Amounts concerned

Total estimated cost: € 19,400,000 Total amount of the EDF contribution: € 18,000,000 This action is co-financed by potential grant beneficiaries for an indicative amount of € 500,000 Contribution of the beneficiary country: € 900,000

Aid modality (s) and implementation modality (s)

Indirect management with the national EDF authorizing officer in Benin Direct management for the subsidy to the electricity regulatory authority (ARE) – direct allocation

Overall objective

Contribute to the fight against poverty by promoting the achievement of the objectives of the SE4ALL initiative (universal access, renewable energies, energy efficiency).

Specific objective

Specifically, RECASEB intends to improve the institutional framework of the energy sector in Benin at the regulatory and organizational level and to support / encourage reforms.


Result 1: Capacity building of actors in the energy sector in Benin;
Result 2: The establishment and use of management and decision support tools for the strategic management of the energy sector;
Result 3: The provision of information and documentation dissemination tools for players in the sector as well as the general public.

Target groups

The main institutional actors of the sector benefiting from the Program: DGRE, UC / PDER, ABERME, CONTRELEC, SBEE, CEB, ARE, DGEFC, ANM, DPP. The private sector and civil society are also part of the direct target of Program activities.
The populations of Benin: They are the final beneficiaries of RECASEB. The actions carried out through RECASEB are aimed at improving their living conditions.