Aug 15, 2020

This annual report of the program estimate covers the period from March 2019 to March 2020. It gives an overview of the progress of the activities of the Program Estimate of the Institutional Support and Capacity Building project of the Actors of the Energy sector in Benin and financial management while highlighting the lessons learned, the difficulties encountered and the prospects for the coming year, particularly 2021. During this first year of activity, the Régie has recorded a performance of 77% on planned achievements; which establishes an overall physical achievement rate of 29.05% out of the expected 30.05%.

Financially, the execution has not kept pace. The overall consumption rate on the DP is 5%. In year 1, the consumption rate is estimated at 16.74% against 80% expected. This apparent low consumption is due to the fact that the training which constitutes the flagship activities of the DP took enough time to start due to the unavailability of the integrated and multi-year training plan for all the beneficiaries of the RECASEB project.

Indeed, under component 3 of result 1 relating to the organization of targeted training, in particular the implementation of the multi-year training plan and training carried out by beneficiaries for the benefit of third parties (group training). The two training courses carried out made it possible, on the one hand, to train 64 participants (executives from the public and private sectors) on the theme “setting up a winning file in response to a call for tenders, setting up bankable projects and support to the conquest of financing for new projects ”and others by, to strengthen the technical and functional capacities of 26 CVA [1] of the beneficiary structures of the project on“ quality approach in the operation of administrative vehicles ”.

[1] Driver of Administrative Vehicles Under this same component 3 of result 1, two thematic workshops were organized. The said workshops brought together forty-two (42) participants who discussed two themes, in particular the adoption of standards relating to High and Medium Voltage power lines and the updating and harmonization of the Geographic Information System database. (SIG) of the electricity sub-sector. Regarding the call for projects, the guidelines have been drawn up and approved by the EUD, publications will start in June 2020. The end of this process is scheduled for January 2021. On component 4 of result 1 linked to the provision of the necessary and sufficient means for an optimal work of the actors of the sector. The Régie acquired and made available to beneficiaries (DGRE, DGEFC, CONTRELEC, ABERME and ANM) during year 1, office supplies and other computer consumables. Also, partial coverage of Internet subscription costs for beneficiaries has been effective. Other support such as rolling stock, electrical, IT and specific software are being acquired for the benefit of the same beneficiaries. During the period under review, the Régie experienced some difficulties. Essentially, these are: The late availability of the multi-year and integrated training plan to all beneficiaries; the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.